I'm Adriana

I’m so happy you’re here!

Welcome to my site, which I created to be a resource for dog owners, budding dog trainers, and experienced trainers to learn about and strengthen their understanding of dog training.

Our online courses are comprehensive and are meant as stand-alone courses or as supplements to in-person training with a positive reinforcement dog trainer.

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Loving Paws Dog Training is committed to providing gentle, kind educational methods for animals (don’t worry, we’ll be nice to you, too!)



I am a CATCH Certified Dog Trainer, a student studying Chemistry, and a white belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 🙂

As a scientist, my interest is in using data-supported methods to attempt to teach using the most effective methods available.

I believe it is unethical to use pain or fear as a method for communication when other alternatives exist. In the same way that using pain and fear on children in school is becoming less and less culturally acceptable, I hope to encourage a similar evolution of societal belief for methods in animal training.

On this site, I share the most effective techniques I know and I support them with the word of animal behaviorists and force-free trainers.


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